"Learning is an active process. We learn by doing. Only knowledge
that is used sticks in your mind"

- Dale Carnegie

"LabInApp is a 3D, interactive virtual laboratory tool that focuses on a heuristic approach of understanding science. This enables students and teachers to perform science experiments on computers or mobile devices, and eliminates the physical barriers of an actual laboratory."

LabInApp is provides simulations for:

Secondary School

Class IX and X is when it becomes necessary to strike a balance between a broadoverview and specific details about elements of science. Teacher can give live demonstration of concepts, models, demos, activities, tools comfortably inside the class room.

Higher Secondary School

We understand that XI and XII is when students need to go into complete detail, to develop an absolute understanding of even the most trivial concepts in Physics, Chemistry and Biology. With LabInApp, students can observe the effects of scientific factors like vector forces, ray diagrams and correlate them with theoretical concepts.